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Our Approach


At the ALS Group we strive to empower people to reach their full potential. We do this through various on-the-job training and internship programs across all the business units.

BBBEE audits are done on an annual basis across all business units to track progress and to identify areas for improvement while the group actively contributes to Social Responsibility projects in disadvantaged communities.

ALS HQ has 51% black ownership.

Social Responsibility

ALS Charity, the social responsibility arm of ALS, prefers to support long term projects with a solid relationship between the organization and beneficiaries.

We also get involved by rendering services without payment from time to time to organisations in need, for example digging a hole for a sewage system for Hebron, a facility for homeless people, or clearing space for a sports field at a local school. 

Our annual golf day hosted in Potchefstroom in aid of the ALS Charity fund, is a combined effort across the ALS Group to raise funds which are then distributed to various worthy organisations throughout the year.  In 10 years of hosting this charity golf day, the ALS Charity fund managed to contribute over a Million Rand to charities, many of which used the funds to springboard their own fundraising efforts.

Skills Development & Training

A centralised Human Resources department also manages the skills development and training for the Group and the following efforts goes towards securing the best skills for ALS:

  • An annual skills matrix is developed across the board for all disciplines
  • A gap analysis is done to determine any skills shortages
  • In-house or external training courses are presented to suit the operations (only SETA approved and accredited training providers are used)  


At the ALS Group we are committed to protect our employees and others against conditions and situations that may cause them injury or illness. We respect our environment and we do our best to conduct our business in a way that preserves it for the future.  Our approach towards quality is based on the principles of the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.


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